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All you need to know!

Rug up! Vibe out!


Dempsy’s Buses are running buses from around the region. You can call them on 06 385 4022 for more information on their timetable and collection points.


A lot of the accommodation providers around the area operate their own shuttles, please speak to your accommodation to see what they can offer. 

Other shuttle operators in the area are Chur Shuttles 020 424 8777 or Summit Shuttles 0800 828 294

Taupo Taxi’s are operating in Ohakune for the winter season. To book a taxi call 027 527 6772.

Pre Top-Up Stations

Save time by getting your ticket scanned, wristband on, and be all topped up before you even enter the gates! This is a fast track service which we highly recommend!


Christie Park in Ohakune (on Goldfinch Street)

Friday - 4PM - 10PM

Saturday - 9AM - 3PM

Wayver wristband top up fee (one time only): $4

Payment System

For Wayver is our cashless system operator:

Step 1. Top up your wristband.
Step 2. Scan it at the bar to purchase drinks, food and merch.
Step 3. Refund any unused funds.


Coming Soon!


Use your imagination - but remember these two important rules:


No high visibility Work Clothing (Since Event Staff use this).

Remember, it’s cold. So bring a jacket/jersey when the temp drops.

Stay In The Know!

Follow and keep an eye on the Audiology FB and Insta accounts for updates, offers and general cool sh*t.

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Conditions Of Entry

Full conditions here. This is a MUST READ! Don't get denied from the festival! Make sure you follow all the rules!

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